Clay Filler Suppliers

Claypro (Aust) P/L is an Australian company located in Junortoun in Central Victoria, established 2001.

The core business is the fine grinding of Clay-Ballclay (Secondary Kaolin) from its own minesite at Axedale. Axedale Ballclay is renowned for its plasticity and has been used in pottery, ceramics and refractories for nearly 100 years. The grinding drying process produces a 75 micron clay product which is packed in 20kg paper sacks, 1200kg bulk bags or into a bulk pressure tanker for delivery to silo.

Claypro products are used:

  • to increase the plasticity and workability of renders and concrete.
  • to increase fire rating in plasterboard.
  • as a filler/binder in barbecue briquettes.
  • as a carrier dust for insecticides.

Claypro is used as a plasticizer additive to non conforming crushed rock when the Plasticity Index (P.I) is too low to meet specification. Just .5 - 1% Claypro can increase P.I from a factor of 0 to 5. It is used by Barro, Fulton Hogan and Hanson and has been used in the Geelong by-pass, Pakenham by-pass and Calder Freeway.

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