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We specialise in the fine grinding of Axedale Ballclay, a clay renowned for its plasticity that has been used in pottery, ceramics and refractories for nearly 100 years. The result is a 75 micron product which is packed in 20kg paper sacks/bags, 1200kg bulk bags or into a bulk pressure tanker for delivery to silo.

Our Claypro product serves a variety of purposes. Claypro can be used in increasing the plasticity and workability of renders and concrete, increasing the fire rating of plasterboard or as a filler/binder in barbecue briquettes. Claypro can also be used as a carrier dust for insecticides.

Claypro was first introduced to the pavement materials market in 2004 due to VicRoads tightening its specification with regard to the plasticity index (PI) in Class 1 Pavement Materials.

The Plasticity Index is an important property in flexible pavement materials, it indicates the range of moisture contents over which the fine particles (<0.45mm) behaves plastically. A PI that is two high will cause issues with pavement stability, particularly under dynamic loads. Whilst a PI that is too low will result in a pavement material that lacks cohesiveness and may result in unravelling and/or uncompacting of that particular coarse.

The majority of natural pavement materials sourced within Victoria are unable to meet VicRoads PI requirements, whilst also meeting requirements for swell, grading envelopes and CBR. Claypro is a solution that when mixed into Class 1 pavement material at low percentages has demonstrated to have positive effects on the PI and permeability properties, whilst having minimal effect on the swell, grading envelope and CBR of such materials. This positive affect can be attributed to ClayPro’s product having a very high PI and a very small particle size.

Claypro Australia offers various clays to suit different customers' needs such as pottery clay, ball clay, ceramic clay and strawbale renderers' clay.

Claypro is an Australian clay supplier company involved in processing and packaging various clays for the ceramic, pottery, refractory and industrial filler markets.

Whatever your application needs we will be pleased to discuss your requirements. Please visit our Contact page for any enquiries you may have.